Who are we?

Organize Clean, and Design, also known as OCD, is a new style, multi-purpose, interior service business. We specialize in Commercial and Residential, full service cleaning, storage organization, and Interior/exterior design. We are dedicated in providing assurance to all types of interior and exterior cleaning and design projects. We make you, your lifestyle, and your home, our top priority. Here at OCD, we are your one stop shop!


To organize means to arrange into a structured whole. At OCD, we keep everything orderly to YOUR standards. We will always make sure everything is put away orderly and efficiently. We specialize in full storage organization, spring cleaning, Closet Clean-outs, and Cabinetry organization. 


No matter where you go, sanitation is a huge part of our daily lives. At OCD, we make it our top priority in our services to use the best products and guidelines in our cleaning process. It is important to stay healthy so everyone can continue their daily lifestyles in ease. 


Not only do we Organize and Clean your interior and exterior space, we also have a highly skilled Interior Designer on our team. With this service we can give our clients the opportunity to fully enjoy their spaces, but not just with the functionality aspect, but with an aesthetic pleasure. 


Give yourself a break and relax. Whether your home or office needs a one-time cleaning, or perhaps it's a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, OCD is immensely passionate about the cleaning process from start to finish. Our purpose is to undertake the responsibility of keeping a home well kept. It is time to discover the ease of OCDs' Organize, Clean, and Design Service.